Power Partners – What Are They and Why Should I Care?

By Mike Hecker | MH Consulting & Bookkeeping | 415-320-2164

A Power Partner in networking is somebody in another profession who shares the same client base as you but does not compete with you, and as such is a great resource – both for giving and receiving referrals. Examples of power partners are electricians and plumbers, architects & engineers, CPAs and bookkeepers, mortgage brokers and real estate agents, and more. The list is endless.

Because power partners are in similar fields, the referrals are much easier to make as both parties tend to understand the other’s jargon, requirements, preferences and limitations. In networking, the more you know about the person you are referring to, the better that referral is in the eyes of the receiver. When you can speak confidently about what your power partner does, why and how, you impress the person being referred that you actually have a working relationship with your partner. Of course, if you have ever used your power partner’s services or worked together collaboratively, even better because you can now provide a testimonial and example of how they’ve helped.

Lastly, take time to get to know your power partner beyond the scope of what they do for work. You may find shared interests which can also help to make a referral to that person when talking with a client or person who may be in need of their services.

Power Partners – We Both Win!

In the end, good networking is about relationships. The deeper the relationship, the more one cares. When we care enough to understand our power partners, spend time with them and understand their business, we become one of their leading assets. So come on, help a brother or sister out!


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