Indigo Interiors, Inc. dba Stacey Lapuk Interiors

Indigo Interiors, Inc. dba Stacey Lapuk Interiors
Stacey Lapuk
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Full-service interior design firm serving clients nationwide. An individualized design experience overlain with the principles of Biophilic Design enhancing our clients’ connection to nature for their health, happiness and well-being. New homeowners, new builds and renovations. A comprehensive approach to interiors.
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We design custom and bespoke interiors, truly three-dimensional paintings, in which our clients can live and thrive. Whether one living room or an entire house, we provide interior design services in the greater Bay Area and well beyond—wherever a wonderful project might appear. The style and soul of each project is unique, and our partnership with you is consequently personal and developed with care.

Our specialization in Biophilic Design, enhancing our connection to nature, infuses each project, and has been measurably proven to enhance our happiness and well-being. New homeowners with minimum 6-figure budgets provide the best opportunities for comprehensive design. Our work with divorced men and women help them create their new story, from where they can move forward in their lives with confidence and comfort. Call us at 707-658-2670 for your complementary consultation.

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1809 Castle Drive
Petaluma, CA
We design happiness! Dare to Create Something Extraordinary!